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Bookmycharge is a national network of EV chargepoints, mainly owned by private individuals and businesses.

You don't need to list a chargepoint to use the Bookmycharge network, but we hope you will (and you’ll get a discount on the price you pay).

If you add your chargepoint, other EV owners pay you to use it at whatever fee level works for you. You can make your EV chargepoint available on days that suit you and at times that fit around your needs.

Bookmycharge is a vital service filling in gaps in the charging network...

...a safety net for when commercial charging lets you down. A way for local neighbourhoods to collaborate to help EV drivers without off-road parking. An opportunity for private and business chargepoint owners to make some extra money
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Bookmycharge helps EV owners find a chargepoint near home, on a journey, or at a destination...

We mobilise home, business and destination chargepoint owners to promote, share, manage and monetise their charging facilities
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For EV drivers, Bookmycharge will become as useful as Airbnb or, becoming the go-to service for anyone planning an EV journey or UK staycation

The cost of Bookmycharge locations is set by the chargepoint owner. A charge typically costs between £5 and £10...

...each chargepoint owner can set their own charging price. Some like to charge per session, regardless of its length, while some bill by the hour
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Choose what suits you best

Bookmycharge adds a modest service fee to the base cost. It’s 10% if you’ve registered a chargepoint or 20% if you don’t. There’s no requirement to register a chargepoint to book and use the service, but we hope you will
10% or 20% fee

Chargepoint owners can change the days and times they offer whenever they like

Some chargepoint owners offer instant booking, meaning bookings are confirmed right away. Others use the an accept / decline function, to confirm each booking individually. Owners can also offer overnight charging sessions

All Bookmycharge payments are made securely via the Stripe system

Bookmycharge does not handle or store any user payment information. When a transaction occurs, an email confirmation is automatically sent to both parties. At any time, you can manage information relating to bookings through your user account
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The UK‘s bookable home and destination EV charging network
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