Bookmycharge brings together the EV community, connecting those drivers who are looking for an assured session at a chargepoint, with fellow EV owners or businesses who have an accessible and compatible chargepoint. They’re bookable, many during both day and overnight.

Bookmycharge helps to fill the gaps in the charging network, serves a safety net for when commercial charging lets you down, allows neighbourhood collaboration to help new EV drivers without their own off-road parking and is a monetising opportunity for chargepoint owners. As well as all this, we are proud to be contributing to the process of building a cleaner, less polluted world as the UK switches to electric transportation.

As the EV industry grows, so does Bookmycharge. And while we do our growing, please bear with us. We're working on adding features that will make the process more efficient and easier than ever. Meanwhile, we together are pioneers and we thank our EV compatriots for helping make Bookmycharge a success.

How it works for chargepoint owners

Costs and options

Bookmycharge handles the whole transaction, including payment, generating emails and T&Cs and updating your account status so you know what you have booked, where and when.

The cost of charging at Bookmycharge listed locations is typically around £5-£8 per charge, but some chargepoints cost rather more and some less; it’s entirely up to the chargepoint owner as to how much they want to charge for the service and up to you to decide if suits your needs.

Some owners like to charge per session, regardless of its length, but increasingly chargepoint owners opt to set the cost by the hour. Chargepoint owners choose what suits them best. The times and days that any given chargepoint is available are also up to the chargepoint owner.

Some chargepoint owners offer instant booking which means your booking is confirmed right away. Others use the accept/decline model, so the chargepoint owner has to specifically accept a booking before it is confirmed by the Bookmycharge email system.


To keep the platform running, Bookmycharge adds a modest service fee to the base cost, and this is 10% if you have a chargepoint registered and 20% if you don’t, plus standard VAT on the fee and a small transaction charge from Stripe, our payment handler. No sensitive payment details are stored by the Bookmycharge system.

The system generates documents associated with the booking when a transaction occurs, and an email confirmation goes to both parties. You can check the information relating to your bookings through your user account section at any time.

If you’ve just joined us, welcome on board! We hope you find value in the platform as it evolves and expands. If you haven’t joined us yet, it's free and easy to sign up as a user or a chargepoint owner, or both!

How it works for chargepoint owners