Bookmycharge was born of anxiety. The site's founders, a happy couple awaiting delivery of their first electric car (EV), a BMW i3, were fretting during the manufacturing gestation period about how they would travel to see their good friends in a far distant town devoid of public charging points. There was no option of charging at the friends' home (no vehicular access). How could they manage to travel around without risking a major domestic over a flat battery?

And in a creative leap, Bookmycharge was conceived.

Bookmycharge is a peer-to-peer website which brings together those people with EVs of all types looking for a charging point, with fellow EV owners who have an accessible and compatible chargepoint and space for an EV that they are willing to share for a modest fee. And it's bookable.

We want Bookmycharge to become as useful and nifty as Airbnb and while we do our growing, please bear with us. We'll be adding on features that we know you will want. We'll have an app before long. Meanwhile, we together are pioneers and we thank our EV compatriots for helping make Bookmycharge another world first for Britain.