Bookmycharge was born of anxiety. The site's founders, awaiting the delivery of their first EV (a BMW i3), were concerned about how they would travel to see their good friends in a well-known town in Devon, alarmingly devoid of public charge points. There was no option of charging at the friend's home (no vehicular access). How could they manage to travel around without risking a major domestic over a flat battery?

Towards a less-polluted world

And so Bookmycharge was conceived and built. It's more than a useful service filling gaps in the charging network and a monetising opportunity for chargepoint owners. It's also a safety net for when commercial charging lets you down and a neighbourhood collaboration to help new EV drivers without their own off-road parking. Generally, it's a contribution to the process of building a cleaner, less polluted world as the UK switches to electric transportation.

(The shocking reality is that in the few years since the creation of Bookmycharge, public provision of charging in that Devon town has not really improved at all, and we find that the compelling logic behind the need for a widespread, reliable and bookable charging network is even stronger now than it originally was!)

How Bookmycharge works...

Bookmycharge allows owners of chargepoints to list them on the platform and make them available, on a paid-for basis, to other EV owners in need of a battery charge.

The need for a charge may be from a neighbour without their own chargepoint or from a visitor to a distant part of the country where the geographical inequality of public charging provision really starts to kick in.

The Bookmycharge platform gives chargepoint owners complete control over when their chargepoint is available and how much it costs.

In these days of volatile electricity prices, the ability to change charge pricing and availability is important and it's all easily controllable via the platform.

Bookmycharge is privately owned and funded and is based to the west of London, although the reach of the platform is national. The platform is still operated by the founders along with a growing team.
We welcome constructive input on the use of the platform and ideas for how it might evolve or be extended. Equally, if you have a bad experience of a charging session, you can register a complaint about a specific user and we will do our best to resolve matters as quickly as we can.

Bookmycharge is a commercial entity but has a strong underlying ecological ethos, driven by the need to prevent further degradation of our our environment and continued deterioration of the quality of the air we breathe. We strongly believe that everyone can make a difference. The founders are also actively involved in the creation and development of a prominent national rewilding charity. We can't afford to fall into the trap of thinking that the problems of climate and the environment are too big for individuals to have any agency in causing change to happen.

Every chargepoint added and shared on the Bookmycharge platform is a small step towards cleaner, quieter and more sustainable transport. Everyone we can encourage to switch to an EV, before legislation forces them to do it in less than a decade, is a step in the right direction.