Please list your chargepoint on Bookmycharge! It would really help us if you would support us by adding yours. These are pioneering times and we EV owners need to help each other because there simply aren't enough public chargers yet. Help a fellow EV owner by sharing your chargepoint through Bookmycharge. If enough of us EV owners become part of Bookmycharge, we will create a HUGE new charging resource for all of us to use.

The spirit of Bookmycharge is about those of us who believe in EVs as the future for cars and for the planet. We believe this community will thrive because we know that EV users are people of good heart who are willing to share.

How does Bookmycharge work if you list your chargepoint?

  1. It's like Airbnb for EV chargepoint owners and those looking for a charge. It's free to register and your details (first name, postcode, chargepoint details and its availability only) will then appear on the Bookmycharge map.
  2. You set your own price for providing the service (and you can change it subsequently if needed). The amount will be used as a simple flat rate covering a single charging session from your chargepoint. Charging times vary and each booking period may be different. The person booking will request the number of hours they would like. If they use less time on the actual day, there is no refund given to them. If they need a bit more charging time than they’ve booked, you aren’t obliged to give it but might choose to do so. You can then request a transfer of funds from your Bookmycharge Account from two working days after the completion of the charging session. This short delay allows for any issues arising on either side to be reported to us.
  3. EV owners wanting to use your chargepoint will make a booking request through Bookmycharge. The system sends you an email and you then log into Bookmycharge to accept or decline the booking.
  4. After the guest EV owner pays their Bookmycharge fee (your price + a small service fee and the Stripe transaction fee), the system will send each of you the other's contact details to get in touch to arrange the charge.

And as a reward for being willing to support the Bookmycharge community with the provision of a chargepoint, you will pay less to charge your own vehicle. The standard Bookmycharge service fee is 20% + VAT on top of the individual owner's charging fee, but this is reduced to 10% + VAT if you have a chargepoint of your own listed. (Note: VAT is payable only on the 10% or 20% service fee element and there is no VAT payable on the charging fee itself.)

Register your home EV chargepoint