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Add your chargepoint

It's easy to add a chargepoint to Bookmycharge! Any chargepoint can join the network whether you're a home chargepoint owner, a business, a local network operator, or a destination.

You choose to charge by session or by the hour. Then manage bookings within your account and withdraw funds whenever you like.

Bookmycharge is a community for EV chargepoint owners and EV drivers. Register for free, then basic details appear on the Bookmycharge map: first name, first part of postcode, chargepoint info / availability / cost.
You can choose to Accept or Decline each booking (best for home chargepoint owners) or use Instant Booking (best for non-domestic chargepoints).
After the guest EV owner pays the selected booking (your price + a small service fee + transaction), the system sends each party the confirmation of the booking and location and access details of the chargepoint.
EV owners book your chargepoint via the Bookmycharge website or app. If you’ve opted to Accept or Decline bookings, you’ll be notified when there’s a booking request for you to review. If you've opted for instant booking, the booking is automatically confirmed straight away.

You set your own price for providing the service. You can change it whenever you like.

Your session or hourly fee amount covers a single charging session. Charging times vary and each booking period may be different.

The person booking will request the number of hours they would like. If they use less time, there is no refund. If they need more charging time than they’ve booked, you aren’t obliged to give it, it’s up to you.

Two working days after the charging session ends, you can request the funds from your Bookmycharge Account.

To thank you for adding your chargepoint to the Bookmycharge network, you’ll pay less to charge your own EV.

In addition to the chargepoint owner's fee, the Bookmycharge service fee is 20% + VAT. This is reduced to 10% + VAT if you listed your chargepoint with us.

Note: No VAT is payable on the charging fee, only on the 10% or 20% service fee.

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