Bookmycharge users are owners of electric vehicles - EVs - who want the freedom to go out of range through the goodwill of other EV owners just like us.

We are the world's first bookable EV charging community dedicated to private home chargepoints, bringing benefit to all EV drivers by taking charging beyond our own chargepoint and public charging points to shared EV owner charging.

Those of us in Bookmycharge can share the chargepoint we have at home with our fellow EV pioneers in places where public charging points are few and far between - that's most of the UK at the moment. Home chargepoints work at 220-240 volts, typically at either 16-amps or 32-amps. A 16-amp chargepoint will typically charge an electric car from flat to full in around 6 hours. A 32-amp chargepoint can charge an electric car from flat to full in around 3½ hours, although not all electric cars are capable of charging up that quickly.

As EV owners get to hear about Bookmycharge, the number of home charging locations on here will increase, but please be patient if you can’t find a chargepoint in an area you need one, as we are new and it will take a while for word to spread. We rely on our Bookmycharge community to offer help in the spirit of spreading the use of EVs around the UK, and the planet.

Useful info about chargepoints