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The Bookmycharge mobile app is available free for both Apple phones and Android.

The latest version offers a number of incremental improvements:

    Version 4.0.* - added July 2021

  • Chargepoint owners can now offer users overnight booking at a flat rate whilst still offering hourly daytime sessions - useful for local community charging groups and networks
  • Chargepoint owners can now more easily list a chargepoint for hourly booking and multiple sessions per day.
  • Improved in-app notifications (optional) will now alert you to bookings and messages related to charging.
  • We've also made a number of changes to the look and feel and made access to an EV News section, extended FAQ and updated Agreements easier.
  • Added option to subscribe to the new Bookmycharge newsletter (you can also unsubscribe any time).
  • Better chargepoint search function and profile display. Now search by chargepoint ID no. as well as place or postcode.
  • Version 3.* - added October 2020

  • Flexible hourly booking now available on some chargepoints as well as flat rate session based booking.
  • Chargepoints can be offered for instant booking or the original accept/decline depending on chargepoint owner preference.
  • Book overnight charging session on 24/7 chargepoints.
  • Navigate direct to your favourite chargepoint by its ID rather than map search.
  • List multiple chargepoint options at one location.
  • Create and use organisation or community based groups of chargepoints.
  • Administer your account and booking messages via the app.
  • Clearer interface to allow you to find suitable chargepoints to suit your location and needs.

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