Fully Charged Show offer

Bookmycharge sign-up charging credits on offer for the Fully Charged Show 2022, April 29, 30 and May 1! Plus announcing our forthcoming Crowdfunding campaign pre-registration.
Opinion & News 28 April 2022

Fully Charged LIVE offer: register now for £10 charging credit by using this link for you next visit to

Your electric vehicle can remain ‘fully charged’ by registering now with Bookmycharge using this special  link. Generate up to £10 free charging credit on the Bookmycharge network by signing up as a user (£5) and registering your own chargepoint (£5).

It’s quick and easy to register and, once you’ve signed-up your own chargepoint, you can benefit from discounted charging nationwide on the Bookmycharge network. You don't have to register you chargepoint to use Bookmycharge, but we hope you will!

Bookmycharge is also using Fully Charged 2022 to announce our forthcoming crowdfunding campaign and open it for pre-registrations. Full details shortly, but in the meantime you can pre-register by visiting

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