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Guide to: EV Charging Points - Businesses


Getting started and accessing funding

Demand for electric vehicles will grow hugely in the coming years and with the switch to electric there will be great rewards that businesses can access by engaging customers looking to top-up their vehicle’s charge. This guidance is applicable to all businesses, but organisations with ‘longer dwell’ times (e.g. accommodation; hospitality; attractions; services) are likely to benefit most.

Five reasons to install a charging point:

  1. New and repeat customers. By installing a chargepoint you can add your business to well used EV chargepoint mapping tools from the likes of Bookmycharge, ZapMap and Plugshare. This will make your location more discoverable to motorists and increase footfall. Those who use your chargepoint are likely to return if they have a great experience too!
  2. Customers stay longer. Depending on customer needs, charging an EV could take anything from 30 minutes to four hours or more. So, by installing a chargepoint you may find customers stay for longer than they would normally. This could be especially beneficial for hospitality businesses, such as cafes, pubs and restaurants.
  3. Employee engagement. If your staff drive to work, they may be considering a switch to electric (they certainly will in the future - the government will ban the sale of internal combustion engine vehicles from 2030). By installing chargers, you can support employees and even retain them longer.
  4. Green pledge. Installing a public chargepoint is a great way for your business to demonstrate its environmental commitment to customers and the local community. It directly helps people to drive cleaner cars and can support your staff and neighbours.
  5. Low start-up cost. Thanks to easily-accessible government funding, the cost of installing charge points can be reduced. Over the long-term, by using tools like Bookmycharge, charging points can pay for themselves through a small revenue stream and increased customer visits.

How do you get started?

Businesses can install charging points in a number of ways. Depending on the planned use, grant funding might also be available.

  • Workplace Charging Scheme - This grant scheme allows businesses (including charities) to claim up to £350 per socket (up to 40 sockets) for the upfront costs of installing chargepoints. The chargepoints can either be for staff, to support a company fleet or for workplace visitors (this does not include customers). Learn more on GOV.UK. See the list of approved workplace chargers.
  • Business Partnerships - You can partner directly with a charging point operator to install sockets. You can find a list of operators on ZapMap. Most networks detail on their website what they can offer private businesses.
  • Contact Installers - If you want to offer customers chargepoints and potentially charge them a fee, you should speak to an electrician experienced in EV chargepoints (you may find it’s an expertise your current electrician already covers) or search online for “business EV chargers”. Government’s list of approved workplace chargepoint installers may prove useful.

How to earn money from your charger?

  • Businesses can register their chargers with Bookmycharge
  • Often described as the Airbnb for EV charging, Bookmycharge allows visitors to pre-book a chargepoint and pay a predetermined fee
  • Bookmycharge enables owners to facilitate both management and payment for using their chargepoints. This may work particularly well for hospitality businesses who already accept reservations.

Where to find help and more information

Grant schemes available for EV charging - For greater detail on the variety of grants that government offers to support the wider use of electric and hybrid vehicles follow the link. Grants are available for homeowners, public authorities and workplaces. Learn more on GOV.UK.

Bookmycharge / - Sometimes described as the Airbnb of EV charging, Bookmycharge can facilitate both management and payment for using a charging point. This means all residents and visitors need to do is simply book via the Bookmycharge website and they’ll be guaranteed a charging slot.


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