Charging expansion & supermarkets

Update 13 August 2021
  • According to the Competition and Market Authority (CMA), the UK’s public charger network needs to expand by at least 10 times by 2030, from the current 25,000 to between 280,000 and 480,000 public chargepoints. This is due to some eight million people being unable to install chargers at their home. Read more on The Guardian
  • Mercedes-Benz has announced that it plans to go all-electric by 2030. This follows similar announcements by other carmakers like Volvo, VW and Ford. By 2025 all Mercedes models will be offered with an electric option. Read more on Reuters
  • Waitrose is partnering with Shell to install 800 charging points at 100 supermarket stores by 2025. Each selected store is expected to receive six 22kW chargers and two 50kW rapid chargers. Read more on Autocar.


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