World EV day and Tesla Model Y at Fully Charged

Tesla Model Y seen in UK for first time at Fully Charged Outside, plus a nice new VW at the Munich Show, and some much-needed new building regulation relating to charging
Update 10 September 2021
  • Last Thursday (9 Sept) marked ‘World EV Day’! To celebrate, the Transport Secretary promoted a new app that helps combustion engine car owners to see how much they could save by driving electric. Read more on the Daily Mail and GOV.UK
  • At the Munich Motor Show this week carmakers revealed many new EV models to capture the growing market. One that caught many people’s eyes was the VW ID.Life. It will have a range of 250 miles and have a cinema style projector built into it. Read more on the MailOnline.
  • At Fully Charged Outside last weekend there was a Tesla Model Y – the first one to appear on British soil. They are not currently available in the UK to buy but it’s thought they will be soon.You can watch a walkaround of the Model Y on YouTube.
  • All new homes in the UK are to be mandated to fit an EV chargepoints and the the Government will legislate accordingly later this year. It's about time but it still leaves all existing homeowners and incoming EV drivers without offroad parking with the challenge of sorting themselves out. Read the story on Business Green

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