Bookmycharge supports rewilding

Register your chargepoint and claim a rewilding sponsorship

Bookmycharge is offering up to 200 new registrants of chargepoints on the Bookmycharge system a year’s free sponsorship of a square of land for rewilding through the new national environmental charity Heal Rewilding (

You can add your chargepoint HERE and you can read our press release HERE

If you've been considering listing your chargepoint on Bookmycharge, this is the time to do it, to help fellow EV drivers and to support nature recovery, climate change action and wellbeing.

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A new Bookmycharge initiative

Environmental concerns about pollution and air quality were key drivers in the establishment of Bookmycharge and its core desire to promote and accelerate the adoption of non-fossil-powered vehicles.

However, these concerns must be much broader than just the way we travel. The founders of Bookmycharge have also been active in assisting with the establishment and development of Heal.

About Heal

Heal is raising funds through donations and affordable sources of lending to enable it to buy sites in lowland England for rewilding, to restore biodiversity and natural abundance and help mitigate the UK’s depleted natural state. Much of the country may look green and pleasant, but its diversity and ecological health has been in decline for decades. The UK languishes in 189th place out of 218 countries ranked for the health of nature. Rewilding also helps combat climate change in several key ways, particularly through the natural regeneration of trees.

The sites will also be places where people can go to improve their physical and mental health.

How is Heal involving people in practical rewilding?

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Heal's goal is to acquire its first large site in southern England by 2022 and it is on track to achieve this. Heal is using a novel funding technique based on the what3words ( addressing system, which divides the surface of the entire planet into 3m x 3m squares, each with a unique three-word identifier. These squares underpin a Heal crowd-donating campaign, where people donate £20 to sponsor a 3m x 3m square of land to be rewilded as part of the foundation site, and when the land is bought by Heal, sponsors will be sent the what3words address for their square so they know exactly where it is.

The sponsorship lasts for a year following the allocation of the square, with the option to continue with a £3 per year donation to continue the sponsorship. Thousands of supporters have joined the scheme and Heal 3x3 squares have been widely used as gifts and rewards.

New chargepoint registrant OFFER

Bookmycharge is offering new registrants of chargepoints on the Bookmycharge system a year’s free sponsorship of a Heal 3x3 square. Bookmycharge will pay £20 to Heal to acquire a 3m x 3m square within its forthcoming site for each new registrant, with a certificate sent to the registrant to document the sponsorship. There are some simple, non-onerous conditions that we need to apply to this arrangement, which you can read here.

To participate, tick the promotional ‘yes’ box on the Bookmycharge chargepoint registration page (here). Within four weeks, you’ll be emailed a Heal certificate for a Heal 3x3 square and, if you opt in to receive news from Heal, you’ll be kept up to date with the charity’s progress through its monthly newsletter Heal Highs.

Enjoy your little piece of natural England

In due course, you’ll be able to visit the rewilding site and look out over the field that includes ‘your’ square. You will also have the option (for an additional cost) of having an annual survey done of your square and a drone photograph taken, so that you can follow changes over time as the land heals and rewilds.

If you don't have a chargepoint but would still like to support Heal's work, you can sponsor your own 3x3m square by visiting