The cost for a charge is either a simple flat-rate amount set by the chargepoint owner for the service they provide. Alternatively the owner may elect to charge per hour of plugged in time. As an EV driver or a chargepoint owner, you can go with what suits you best. We will be adding overnight charging options too in a short while and rolling out a series of other changes to improve the charging experience, including major evolutions to our iOS and Android mobile apps

The cost of a Bookmycharge session is set by the chargepoint owner, whether by session or by hour. The price point per charge is typically in the £5 - £6 range but some owners pitch it higher and some lower.

No VAT is payable on the basic fee set by the chargepoint owner, but we pass on the small Stripe banking transaction fee and a modest Bookmycharge service fee, which is 10% + VAT if you have a chargepoint listed on Bookmycharge, or 20% + VAT if you don't.

If you are planning a journey and can't see a Bookmycharge location for a charge, do ask us to help. Send an email to and tell us where you are going and when, and we will use social media to appeal for someone to step up.

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