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  2. Terms and conditions - Owner (listing a chargepoint on Bookmycharge)
  3. Bookmycharge Agreement (agreement between an Owner and a User)
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Bookmycharge Ltd is a UK-incorporated company based in Maidenhead, UK, and operating on web and mobile applications. Bookmycharge from time to time collaborates with partner companies to provide the opportunity for such partners to refer new users to the Bookmycharge Platform and, as a result, generate for one or both parties ‘Charging Credits’ which may be used exclusively for the purposes of charging an EV through the Bookmycharge Platform according to the Terms and Conditions outlined below.

Referrals are available only through direct participation with the website or mobile website, and not by any other means such as by email, letter or call.

  1. Binding Agreement. By using the Platform or participating in the Referral Scheme, you are bound by these Terms and Conditions and by engagement with the Referral Scheme you indicate your agreement to them.  In the event of a dispute, all of the Company's decisions are final and binding.  
  2. Privacy. The personal information collected and used as part of the Referral Scheme will be used in accordance with Company’s Privacy Policy available at
  3. Eligibility. You must be over 17 years old to participate in the Referral Scheme and either own or control an EV and/or own or control a suitable dedicated EV Chargepoint. You must not be already registered on the Bookmycharge Platform or previously registered any time less than six months ago. This Referral Scheme is available only to new users of the Bookmycharge Platform.
  4. How the Referral Scheme Works.  If you follow a valid Referral link web address such as available from time to time via social media, advertising and sometimes via partner websites, you will be taken to the Referral Scheme sign-up page which will indicate the detail of the particular Referral Scheme and the benefits that will accrue from participation in it. Such benefits may vary from Scheme to Scheme and might comprise a reward of Charging Credits for basic user registration and/or further charging credits for the addition of Chargepoint to the Bookmycharge Platform and making it available to other users. Charging Credits can be gained only through using a valid Referral link.
  5. Rewards. Rewards under the Referral Scheme are expressed as Charging Credits. The number of such Charging Credit is displayed on the Overview section of your account page on the Bookmycharge Platform. Charging Credits may be used only in ‘payment’ for Charging Sessions booked on the Bookmycharge Platform. A Charging Credit has no cash value or redeemable value to the user to whom they are awarded. They may only be used in ‘payment’ for a Charging Session
  6. Each Charging Credit is regarded as being equivalent to £1.00 but Charging Credits have no cash value or other value of any type until they have been used in ‘payment’ for a genuine charging session booked and completed with another member of the Bookmycharge Platform and in accordance with the Terms & Conditions published on the Bookmycharge site. When a Chargepoint Owner is ‘paid’ for service in this way, the Charging Credits become available to him/her within their account as actual cash value and register in their account balance accordingly and may ultimately be withdrawn from their balance or used in payment for EV charging sessions elsewhere on the Bookmycharge Platform.
  7. Expiry of Charging Credits. Charging Credits auto expire at the end of 12 months from the date of their creation. Credits generated by the addition of a Chargepoint to the Bookmycharge Platform will no longer be available within your account if the associated Chargepoint is suspended, removed, or deleted from the Bookmycharge Platform. New Charging Credits will not be created if a previously deleted Chargepoint is re-created on the Platform
  8. Charging Credits may not be traded, sold, given away, or transferred by any means to anyone and can only be used by the original recipient of the Charging Credits for the intended purpose of charging an EV within the Bookmycharge Platform.
  9. Charging Credits may not be used as ‘payment’ for charging sessions at your own address or at a Chargepoint you own or control, or by anyone else resident at the same address or within your immediate family or through any association formed for the purposes of circumventing the spirit of the Referral Scheme or Fair Use of it.
  10. Charging Credits may be used only for genuine EV charging sessions that are completed according to a booking made via the Bookmycharge Platform.
  11. Referral Scheme Settings. Referral Schemes generally have an expiry date, and some have a numerical limit to the number of beneficiaries who may participate in the particular Referral Scheme or the value of the benefits that may accrue through it. If such a timescale has passed or if a numerical limit or value has been fulfilled, the Platform will inform you of the status. You will still be able to register with Bookmycharge, but no Charging Credits will be generated.
  12. Restrictions.  Referrers cannot refer themselves to the Referral Scheme or create multiple, fictitious, or fake accounts on Bookmycharge for the purposes or accruing Charging Credits and/or abusing the system.  No User may use the Referral Scheme to violate any law, infringe or violate the rights of any third party, or otherwise act in a manner that is deemed harassing, harmful, illegal, hateful, obscene or outside the spirit and intent of the Referral Scheme.  In addition, you may not (a) tamper with the Referral Scheme, (b) act in an unfair or disruptive manner, or (c) use any other system, bot or other device or artifice to participate or receive any benefit in the Referral Scheme. This includes but is not limited to a general prohibition without permission on posting of the Referral Code(s), in isolation or as a link(s), on any website, communication or publication which offers the Referral Code to anyone other than:

    In the case of corporate partners: customers or prospective customers
    In the case of personal referrers: friends or known associates - , i.e., individuals you personally know.  
  13. Under the terms of the Referral Scheme, Bookmycharge reserves the exclusive right to determine whether abuse of the Referral Scheme has occurred and whether what may be regarded as ‘Fair Use’ within the terms and intentions of the Referral Scheme, has been abused. Such a determination may result in the deletion of Charging Credits, suspension, or cancelation of payment(s) for suspect charging session(s), until examined and verified, and/or the deletion of user account(s).
  14. Bookmycharge accepts no liability for any taxation, insurance or other issues arising from participation in the Referral Scheme.
  15. Liability and Indemnity You acknowledge and accept that Bookmycharge does not provide the Service offered on the Platform and has no liability, whether arising in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise, for those services save as expressly set out in this Agreement.

    Bookmycharge shall have no liability for any loss of profits, anticipated savings, business opportunity, goodwill or loss of or damage to (including corruption) data (in each case whether direct or indirect) or any indirect or consequential losses whether arising in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise incurred by you in connection with the Bookmycharge Service or the Website or in connection with the use or inability to use the Website or Bookmycharge Services or results of the use of the Website or Bookmycharge Services.
  16. Right to Cancel, Modify or Terminate.  We reserve the right to cancel, modify or terminate the Program at any time for any reason. We reserve the right to disqualify any User at any time from participation in the Referral Scheme if we have a good faith belief that he/she has violated any of these Terms.

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